PART 7:  Putting it All Together

Up to this point we have looked at foundations for eternal life by looking at various “things”:

PART 1:  Things We Know

PART 2:  Things We Do

PART 3:  Things God Does

PART 4:  Things God and We Do

PART 5:  Things We Should NOT Do

PART 6:  Things God Doesn’t Do

While all of these “things” are important to various degrees, what is ultimately important is using our understanding of these things to enter into salvation and to continue to live in that salvation in a way that is pleasing to God.

In this section we will look at salvation from three different viewpoints:

-  We will review various aspects of salvation.

-  To be saved is to be “in Christ.”

-  Salvation involves coming to Jesus, being reconciled to God, and knowing and loving God.

We will then close with the need to “stand firm.”

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