Confusion about spiritual things is widespread.  Spiritual confusion produces broken lives.  This book attempts to clarify important spiritual truth, so that clarity will overcome confusion, so that broken lives will be made whole.

The purpose of this book is not to present new insight, but rather to present old truth in a clear and simple way for easy understanding.

This book covers many important topics.  Other authors have written whole books on topics which are covered here in just a couple pages.  Don’t expect exhaustive coverage of any topic; but do expect a lot to be covered in a few pages.

I have tried to limit the material to subjects that:

-  have very strong and clear scriptural support, and

-  apply to all people in all cultures.

May the words on these pages help you know God’s love for you, understand God better, and love God deeply.

I encourage you to make the following prayer your own:

O God, help me to know your love for me.  Help me to learn your ways, and to walk in them.  Open my spiritual eyes to see myself as you see me, and to understand my circumstances as you understand them.  Fill me with your Spirit so that I will be able to follow you wherever you lead.

Did you mean it?  Or, was that prayer just empty words?  What would it take for you to mean that prayer?

Consider praying that prayer for real.

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