Chapter 29
God Revealed through Others

We have seen that God values deep relationships. Since God appears to be all about relationship, it is to be expected that people throughout the ages have experienced relationship with God. I conclude:

We should learn from other people who have experienced God.

This raises an important issue: How do we tell whether someone has had a genuine encounter with God, or just some kind of deception or misunderstanding? Here are some guidelines I have found helpful:

Note, however, that a prophecy being accurate does not necessarily prove the validity of a prophet or religious group, since anyone could possibly be right with one or more lucky guesses. Logically speaking, it only takes one false prediction to prove a prophet to be false. But it takes many consistent accurate predictions to establish that a prophet is genuine.

Clearly, others have experienced God before us. Let’s aim to learn from their experiences.

For Further Reflection:

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