Chapter 12
Spiritual Realm or Not?

Some people seem to believe that if something can’t be directly seen or measured, then it doesn’t exist.

That viewpoint seems strange to me, since there is so much that is accepted by science that can’t be directly seen or measured. Take, for example, radio waves. Do you have faith that they exist? Why or why not? Have you ever seen or felt one? I haven’t, and I don’t think you have either. Yet I think you believe in their existence. Why? It is probably because you experience evidence of their existence whenever you listen to a radio or use any kind of wireless communication that is based on radio waves. These indirect evidences lead you to have faith that radio waves exist.

Likewise, does our inability to directly see or experience a spiritual realm mean that it doesn’t exist? Of course not. However, there must be some reasonable evidence for reasonable people to believe in things that can’t be directly observed, whether we are talking about radio waves, a spiritual realm, or something else. So, let’s consider some evidence for the existence of a spiritual realm.

All of this evidence seems to result in another self-evident truth:

A spiritual realm does exist.

For Further Reflection:

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