Chapter 10
Beginning or No Beginning?

Was there a beginning to your existence? I suspect your beginning was similar to my beginning. My life began when a sperm cell from my father united with an egg cell from my mother. Of course, the egg and the sperm had separate beginnings earlier in time, and my mother and father had distinct beginnings still earlier in a similar way. Every living creature appears to have had its beginning in a similar way, from previous life.

Similarly, plants have beginnings as particular kinds of seeds, or as shoots from the roots of other plants, or perhaps as plant cuttings which were planted in soil and developed roots.

Every non-living thing appears to have some kind of beginning also. Man-made items can be traced back to the various raw materials used to make them. The raw materials also have some kind of history to them, with some kind of beginning. Scientists have proposed various ages for the Earth itself, related to the Earth having a beginning a long time ago. Even the entire universe is widely understood to have a beginning, with a popular scientific viewpoint summarized by the phrase “Big Bang Theory.”

This leads us to another self-evident truth:

Everything has a beginning.

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