Chapter 7
Different Groups

We all belong to various groups. Some groups we associate with voluntarily; other group associations are involuntary. Some examples of what are often considered to be involuntary group associations are clarified by a few questions:

Some examples of groups that may be considered to be voluntary associations are also clarified by some questions:

The distinction between what is a “voluntary” association and what is an “involuntary” association is often not very clear, and may vary some depending on culture. For example, many people do not consider their religion to be a voluntary association, as their culture may not promote free choice in this area. Another example: Vaccination against polio may be legally required for many people, in which case being part of the “vaccinated” group may be considered an involuntary group association. Or, perhaps your parents had you vaccinated, and you had little choice in the matter, and there is no way to become unvaccinated now.

Anyway, this brings us to two more self-evident truths:

Everyone is associated with various groups.

Some group associations are voluntary;
some group associations are involuntary.

For Further Reflection:

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