Some Self-Evident Truths

What is truth?

Join with me as I explore the nature of truth. Like many topics, one can only understand it well by comparing it with something that is different than itself. Truth is meaningful primarily because it stands in opposition to deception or error. If deception and error didn’t exist, then the concept of truth would, perhaps, be meaningless.

Throughout Part 1 we will be exploring concepts which I find to be “self-evident.” That means that the validity of such concepts is apparent simply from reason and careful observation of people and our surroundings. Such concepts do not need to be derived or proven from other concepts that are more basic, they are simply self-evident. These concepts don’t need deep philosophy or religious instruction to be known and understood, they are self-evident. I invite you to consider for yourself whether or not you agree that these “truths” are “self-evident.”

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